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Backyard Camping

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My husband and I have decided to start camping.  Like for real camping.  Like, let’s go fly a kite, go on an enormous hike – then pitch a tent and watch the stars drift camping.  But since we’ve NEVER done anything like this before, we decided to start in our backyard first.  We also decided to get a super amazing tent that we could use to camp in the Arctic if needed.  Hey.  You never know!  We could be camping at Enchanted Rock one day – go on a hike – make a wrong left turn, then BAM! Right in the middle of the Arctic.  I’ve heard this happen before.  Nonfiction Narnia stuff.


First, we *ahem, Alen* cleared the yard, put the pretty pieces of tent in a pretty configuration, and took an action shot.


Then, put those stake thingies into the ground so our tornado force backyard winds wouldn’t blow our beautiful new tent away.  Also, put those super light pole thingies into the area where the pole thingies go.  If you wanted a real review, I’m so sorry, you’re just not going to see that here. hah.


After pitching it, we opened it very slowly and let Bambi in so she could give two thumbs up (which she did, luckily, because if she didn’t give it two thumbs up, then we would have sent it back immediately).  If you wanted a real how to pitch a Hilleberg Keron tent, then you should watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5kCnvaOZ8Tc

As far as I’m concerned once we’ve done a backyard camping test run, our next place to camp will be the Arctic.  Back yard to Arctic.  Reasonable.

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Turning 30

0N5A0465sMy silence on my blog this year has been so silent.  So many things to blog about – so little brain space!  While my mind has been racing a million miles an hour this year, my body has had a hard time keeping up.  and I don’t even have kids.  I have two dogs! (Although, my mother would say that dogs are more work than children… I might have to agree with her at this point.) Not just two dogs!  I’ve had to keep up with MYSELF.  That’s hard.  Just ask my husband.

I had to put on the brakes at some point.  Really hunker down and figure out this puzzle that is my brain-body conundrum.  and.  It’s boiled down to this:


Step one: Breathe.  Get space.

Step two: Ask the questions to answer the “I don’t knows.” in my life.

Step three: Get a backbone and get to it.

Step four: Unconditional love. To others. To me.  We all deserve this.


Cryptic?  Only slightly!  But speaking on general terms, I’ve found that this is something that quite a many people do in their super fabulous lives.  We all have our own timeline for this kind of thing.  So. Mine is now.  I think most people call this puberty.  I, however, call it: Turning 30.

My mom even looked at me the other day and said she didn’t know who I was anymore (in a “I’m concerned” way…).  I’m quite proud of that.  I think that I’ve finally grown up.  At the ripe age of 30.  It’s a huge turning point, really.

How do I say this?  I do what I like to do.  Everyone else does what they like to do.  I unconditionally accept this about myself and others, and have the understanding that not everyone else thinks the same as me.  (I feel like many people know this fact in their core.  It has literally taken me 30 years to absorb the same idea.  Someone hold me a Bat Mitzva!)

THAT SAID!  January will be very exciting because it will be the first month of the rest of my life that I will not be working as a pharmacist.  (Going along with what I said: I do what I like to do… and pharmacy has not been something I’ve liked in a long time… and that’s putting it lightly.)

Hello brave new world.  I’m ready to take on the potential onslaught or meek beginning of this new life, whatever it is…

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