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Our Jurassic Maui Vacation

mrtpostcard860My husband and I recently went on vacation to Hana, Maui, and you wouldn’t believe what we saw!  Dinosaurs, obviously.  I can see why they filmed the Jurassic Park movies here.  It’s such a beautiful place!

PS: If anyone is interested in me taking pictures of you with friends, significant others, or family… and a dinosaur, please contact me.  I think it’s really fun to do and I really enjoy the resulting picture.  laurapuzic@gmail.com (word!)

PSS: Yes, I am the President of the Jurassic Park Fan Club.  Just in case you were wondering.  I’m looking for members, as I am the only one so far.:)


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My New Project

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 11.56.05 AMI haven’t been on my photography website for a while.  Or my Facebook photography page for a while.  That’s because I was trying to figure out my direction.  What makes my heart beat?  What am I really interested in?

I decided I’m not interested in selling very expensive products to people who don’t care about my work.

I’m also not interested in selling very expensive products about things I don’t care about.

I won’t go into details.

I have decided I’m going to work my way into an area of photography that I want to be in.  By taking pictures in different situations – families, professionals, seniors, babies, toddlers, events, couples, expectant mother’s to be, animals, models, friends and whatever else you can think of… I’ve found that I really enjoy taking pictures of happy individuals.

If you’re happy and you need pictures.  Clap your hands! Please. For the love of baby Jesus, call me.  Email me.  Talk to me.  We should really just hang out.  I love happy people.  Lets work something out.  Trust me.  I’m dying to take your picture, you happy person, you.

Also, if you’re a yoga teacher, I’d definitely love to talk to you… because that’s what my new project is all about!  I love yoga teachers.  I love yoga.  I’m biased!  I’m a yoga teacher, too!

It all started when I began yoga teacher training.  There was a small amount of “self study” required.  One of the suggestions for a self study project was to interview yoga teachers.  At first I was not too interested in it, because it kind of scared me.  Yoga teachers sometimes come off as… perfect.  Would I just feel bad about myself after interviewing them?  They’re all “enlightened.”  During my on-site training modules, I got a chance to hang out with these perceived “perfect” people, and found out that they were… human.  It was a relief.  Had I really been going to yoga classes all these years thinking that these people had somehow found the ability to live life without sadness, grief, anger, embarrassment, or remorse?  Living in complete happiness?  If I had done that – surely, there’s other people that have done that.  It helps me to hear stories from yoga teachers.  What they’ve gone through, or what they’re going through… to hear how human they are.  That’s why I’ve started my new sparkly project: Humans of Yoga.

As you will notice, my project has a striking resemblance to the amazing project done by Brandon called Humans of New York.  I would be lying if I said he also hasn’t inspired me to do this project.  I love reading the stories that he posts up on his Facebook page for Humans of New York.  It makes me crave those very human stories and experiences for myself.  I feel like it’s not really real until it happens to me.  & that’s how I’ve always been.



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