• And that saved some time…


    This is going to come off sounding like an ad for easycanvasprints.com … well, I can’t help sharing this experience and I really wanted to write a blog post about… anything, so, here it is. This is what is hanging on my wall right now and I didn’t have to arrange it myself.  Because, this […]

  • That Breastfeeding Story

    So, remember how I said birthing a baby was really easy and wonderful?  Well, breastfeeding, comparatively, and initially, was a bitch. It started out all beautiful.  I would look down upon and see me and my father’s eyes and my mother’s nose, and her father’s hair… just this perfect beautiful little creature.  Her little tiny […]

  • The Fourth Trimester

    Ah, the fourth trimester. I like to dive into things, take them on in an instant if I feel like it, and this was one of those moments. One minute I was pregnant and just taking care of me and the cute creature inside my belly and the next minute I’m figuring out how to […]