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The Whole Beet Meal

I’m feeling grateful for Kathryn Budig this week.  Why?  Well, for a few years now, my yoga practice has been a slow, yin practice.  I had felt that being stressed from work… and all the mental stresses I was putting on myself was just too much… and it felt like gentle yoga was the only thing that I wanted to do.  Now, that I’ve left my pharmacy job… and let go of all the projects that I felt were weighing me down… let go of the random things that were keeping me heavy… I feel light again… and now I’m wanting to get stronger.  Body, mind and spirit.  I know that bodily strength doesn’t equal mental strength… but I think there is a connection there.  If my body is stronger, then maybe, it might nurture the strength within me.  Maybe it’s all in the mind… but I really believe there is a connection.

Anyways, I borrowed Kathryn Budig’s Aim True yoga dvd from the library.  I looked at the cover and saw her smiling back at me in a strong contorted pose… and thought: Oh, geeze… that’s crazy… doesn’t her neck hurt doing that?  Since having thought that, I’ve practiced yoga along with the dvd about 7 times.  There is something really exciting about getting stronger and more flexible… and being able to see that progress in my practice.  With her flow, I’m using my muscles more and in different ways.  Hopping my feet to the front of the mat… dolphin pose to help me build up strength for inversions… (and the big one) heart openers that are much more open than I’m used to doing.

I’ve been kind of obsessed with the feelings of the heart, lately (the heart chakra, the divine in the heart, you know that feeling?), and for a while convinced myself that maybe I didn’t have a heart.  But I’ve since realized that I was just thinking about it wrong.  We all have hearts.  lol.  I have a heart.  I’ve just been guarding it for a really long time.

So, for me, building up my physical strength is a kind of stepping stone for me to believe in my mind that I’m strong enough (I’m worth it, I’m enough) to not have my guard up all the time.  My heart (my love) is strong and confident enough to feel all of my experiences.  I’m letting the walls of my heart come down… more of the time.  I’ve mentioned before how I’m taking things slowly… not jumping into the next new thing right away… really learning who I AM.  This is one of those things that I’m doing slowly… it’s a new habit – a new practice – in my everyday life to let myself be open and accepting… to love myself and others unconditionally.  Here’s to more *clink*!

Oooo, also, lol, here’s how I dice and cook the whole beet.  Please, don’t throw those lovely beet greens away… that’s my favorite part.  Mail it to me if you decide not to eat it.  I’ll make some tasty stir fry with it…. mmmMMMmmmm.


1. Beets (root and greens)

2. Olive oil

3. Real Salt


1. Cut beet roots into small pieces (cube-ish sized pieces about 0.5×0.5 inches).  Start steaming them.

2. Cut off greens from beets, chop and sauté with some olive oil and real salt.

3. When steamed beets are soft, they’re ready to eat!

4. When the greens get a little crispy here and there, they’re ready to eat!

5. Plate with some quinoa (or grain) and avocado and yum.


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Basil Cashew Pesto


I saw make some yummy zucchini pasta and got inspired to make my own mix today!  Her’s was a creamy mushroom zucchini pasta (click link to go to her post)… and it looks divine.  I know if I make a creamy cashew sauce, though, that I’ll end up eating nearly all of it and be breaking out like gangbusters tomorrow.  So, one way for me to prevent that is to just not process my cashews as much.

Also, can I just stop for a second and say how much I love the basil.  Basil is the bomb.  It is like the best flavor ever.  I’m surprised there isn’t basil scented deodorant out there.  Please!  Someone make that.  I’ll be wanting to eat my pits so bad, lol.



1/3 cup olive oil

1/3 cup cashew pieces minced (I did mine with a knife and cutting board, but I’m sure this can be done in a food processor… you just might have to make a bigger batch.)

1/3 cup basil (I bought 1.4 ounces of basil at the store… I was able to squish them into a measuring up and it was about 1/3 of a cup.)

1 tsp real salt



1. Chop up cashew pieces and basil (separately) into itty bitty bits.  I think that this might not be some people’s bag, so I suggest making a bigger batch and using a food processor instead.  For me, it’s just nice to get lost while mincing away.  I wouldn’t have thought that it would be so relaxing for me a few years ago, but I really enjoy the stillness that comes with preparation. *I digress.*

2. Put in jar (that you’ll use for it’s storage) and add salt and olive oil, and mix.

3. Put on zucchini noodles (ZOODLES! Love that word.) or rice or whatever you want to put pesto onto… sandwiches.  YUM.  Veggie patty.  Ok?  Whatever you think needs a flavor boost.



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